SJ Construction started with general contractor in 1996. Over the years, the company widened the scope through undertaking numerous challenging projects. Accumulated skills and experiences in building solutions and related engineering works. With the expansion, the company introduced SJ Trade as a sister company in 2017, under which SJ Hardware and SJ Aluminum are operated.


SJ Construction is now a well experienced and leading contractor in the Maldives, which provides a range of services including civil construction, carpentry work, and trading and rental of construction equipment among other things.


The company adapts to innovation, and focus on best operational practices in executing the work. With continuously moving forward and adopting sound business judgment, we intend to provide our clients with state-of-the-art services and products in executing the projects that we are chosen to undertake.

SJ Construction boasts a well-established relationship with the Government of the Maldives. In this regard, we have implemented a wide range of public sector projects. Our aim for excellence, timely delivery of project in a budget efficient manner, and excellent project management skills ensures that we maintain a trustworthy reputation for handling successful public sector projects.


The invitation by the Committee on National Development of the Parliament of the Maldives to provide professional opinion on the official draft of the Construction Bill in which our chief engineer participated and provided input is an indicator that the government recognizes our contribution to the industry.